Hearing Test, This is What You Need to Know

Hearing test is an examination procedure to determine someone's listening ability. The examination is done by measuring how well the sound is delivered to the brain. The sound that is heard comes from vibrations in the air around us, which then forms sound waves that propagate in a certain frequency. The process of hearing occurs when sound waves enter through the ear and are delivered by nerves to the brain. This hearing process will be interrupted if there is a damaged part of the ear, resulting in hearing loss. Hearing loss can be divided into conductive deafness and sensorineural deafness. Conductive deafness occurs when there is a problem in the ear canal or middle ear, so that the sound waves are blocked and cannot enter the inner ear. Conductive deafness can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. While sensorineural deafness occurs if the cochlea (an organ in the inner ear) or the auditory nerve does not function normally, so the sound is not transmitted to the brai
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